These Saudi Girl Gamers Should Be On Your Radar

Christina Jaber


These Saudi Girl Gamers Should Be On Your Radar

If Saudi women taught us anything, it’s that you can never say “They can’t and they won’t” because they sure can and will and they have been proving that for so long, especially when it comes to fields they are “stereotypically” not so involved in, like Gaming. Researches reveal that of the almost six million people playing video games in Saudi Arabia, nearly 40% – some 2.23 million – are women.

While the sexist gaming world probably thought that these strong and fierce women won’t make it, they stepped out and showed their skills proving that not only they can play well, their level is strong enough to compete in professional tournaments.

If you’re ready to meet 3 of the best girl gamers in the Kingdom, then keep scrolling.



Meshael, AKA @mechaelmr on Instagram with 17.9K followers is one of Saudi Arabia’s biggest macro female gaming influencers and among our favorite girl gamers in Saudi Arabia, because she’s a bit of everything: fashion, beauty and gaming. On Twitch, an American video live streaming service that focuses on video game live streaming, she has more than 140K followers.




Felwa al-Swailem

This Saudi gamer is a bubble full of passion for gaming. Not only she loves video games, but she also co-founded, with Tasneem Salim, GCON, the women-only game event in Saudi Arabia, which they first hosted in 2012. Felwa, like many female Arab gamers, was always determined to break stereotypes that limit video games to guys and that assume that women are more attracted to “cute” video games. It’s not true at all, female gamers are more into adventure, war, strategic combat and even horror games than you can imagine.



Jude Khaled

Jude Khaled is also a Saudi gamer who happens to post her gaming life on Instagram. As passionate as she is about gaming, she posts reaction videos and benefits from her beautiful personality while mixing humor with gaming. She’s also war-oriented when it comes to gaming and she usually plays Point-Of-View (POV) games such as the very famous Call of Duty.