3 Influential Bahraini Women Designers That Need To Be On Your Radar

Christina Jaber


3 Influential Bahraini Women Designers That Need To Be On Your Radar

With a mix between dynamic and luxury, Bahraini women never fail to surprise us. They are definitely among the most hardworking women in the Middle East. Inspirational, Influential and ambitious are the words to describe these 3 designers who are keeping their world at its finest despite all the challenges. 

Get to know them, appreciate them, and follow them for their latest designs and get inspired.






Hala Kaiksow

A born and raised in Bahrain designer who is reviving the Bahraini traditions through her designs. The founder of Hala Kaiksow is a self-taught artisan who crafts the Bahraini way.



Hala Kaiksow’s journey as a designer begins with the human hand and its ability to imbue garments with a sense of soul. A 21st century artisan, her thoughtful approach to craft extends to custom hand woven fabrics, natural dying techniques and handmade buttons and fasteners. Inspired by the beauty found in everyday objects and a utilitarian approach to dressing, the designer deconstructs clothing from the past and present to create staples infused with feminine strength.










Rawan Maki

The Bahraini successful environmental engineer and fashion designer is set to make a difference. 

She believes that beauty can only be accomplished alongside sustainability and ethics. These themes carry forward in the aesthetic of the brand, where her designs are inspired by the interaction of the natural and the man-made. Rawan Maki’s debut collection in 2017 is an ode to the land and sea that emerge in the aftermath of land reclamation. She’s doing great in terms of mixing her passion for fashion and her fears for Mother Nature. 









Nouf Al Shekar

Once you’re on Nouf Al Shekar’s website NS by Nouf, you’re transported to a world full of luxury and beauty, sheer fantasy. 

NS by Noof was created in 2009 by Bahraini designer Noof Al Shekar. Combining her love for art, jewelry and fashion, Noof designs jewel bags that speak luxury. 

The label explores the intrinsic relationship between the spirit of architecture and the art of jewelry. Each of her pieces is handcrafted and embellished with precious gemstones.