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Ouronyx Clinic Opens Its Doors in Dubai

The Next Generation of Facial Aesthetics

Rita Khoueiry


Ouronyx Clinic Opens Its Doors in Dubai

After launching their first clinic in the heart of Mayfair, London, Ouronyx decided to open a new clinic in the UAE, their first destination in the region. Labelled as the next generation of facial aesthetics, Ouronyx redefines the medical beauty space as the first global destination focused exclusively on non-surgical facial treatments, where the world’s best-in-class doctors, luxurious surroundings and a bespoke approach meet to create an elevated client experience.

Co-founder Ida Banek, a recognized global thought leader with background in psychology and behavioural science, declared that their approach to aesthetics relies on the client as an individual, delivering natural results. She added that their work is based in cutting-edge technology with a keen eye for detail.


Ouronyx Doctors

The doctors’ team at Ouronyx has been selected among the best global talent in the industry. Here’s a little glimpse about resident aesthetic doctors and top leaders at Ouronyx:

Dr Halah Taha, a specialist in Anti-Ageing and Aesthetic Medicine. Her approach to beauty is “less is more” – her work promotes a healthy balance, along with a youthful glow, whilst respecting the naturally-occurring structure of the face.

Dr Emad Hamdi, a renowned Dermatologist. His work relies on being adaptable with different anatomical structures and ethnicities. He is respected for his holistic and honest approach towards aesthetics, with the ability to treat the underestimated parts of the face to create balance and harmony.




Ouronyx Technology


Built on a foundation of science, technology, and data, Ouronyx focuses holistically on the face in its entirety, with treatments determined diagnostically, by blending state of the art technology, psychological, aesthetic, and anatomical markers including 3D and 2D scans, to ensure the most effective and natural results.

Imaging technology screens the face from multiple angles, while sophisticated software assembles highly accurate graphs and detailed photos that allow the medical team to measure everything from volume loss, depth of the wrinkles, skin texture and pigmentation, to bone structure. Armed with these invaluable insights and a variety of anatomical and psychological markers, doctors curate an optimized treatment approach which is then discussed with the client deliver the best possible results.






The Ouronyx Space

Based in Downtown Dubai, right across from Burj Khalifa, Ouronyx is a welcoming and luxurious space featuring curiosity-provoking art that questions and challenges out perception of aesthetics. Ouronyx is spread over 2 floors and comprises of:

More akin to a five-star hotel or private members’ club, Ouronyx is a welcoming and luxurious space located in Downtown Dubai, right across Burj Khalifa, at The Opus Tower - Unit C201, Al A’amal St, Dubai. The clinic is designed with curiosity-provoking art reflecting perceptions of aesthetics. Spreading over two floors, this luxurious space compromises:

Education Zone: Designed to host live virtual talks and master classes to share knowledge, techniques and approaches while exploring new trends in the industry.  Intimate evenings are held for potential clients to visit and have open discussions to discover more about aesthetics, meet the Ouronyx doctors and raise questions or concerns that they might have.

Treatment Suites: Unlike your typical treatment room, Ouronyx suites have been carefully developed to feel welcoming, with much of the medical equipment stored out of sight. A large screen and collaborative ‘round table’ approach mean that doctors and clients work together to co-create treatment plans. Rarely do aesthetic clients get to see what the doctor sees, with before and after’ images used primarily for clinic reporting and little-to-no imagery shared with the client. At Ouronyx, clients see first-hand how their treatments are progressing and the actual changes that happen between treatments.

Medical Zone: Boasting four stylish and comfortable treatment suites around a central focal point, where clients can request to have medical degree makeup applied by an artist following their treatment.