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Sophie Guillon Reveals Her Beauty Routine

And the secret behind her perfume collection
By Hanane Tabet
12 Oct,2020

Sophie Guillon is the CEO of Valmont, the leading Swiss luxury skincare present in over 50 countries across the world brand, and along with Didier Guillon, her partner, Owner and President of the Valmont GROUP, she succeeded in making one of the beauty industry's most beloved brands.

Not only Valmont is a luxury skin care leader, the company has also launched Valmont, a collection of exceptional Italian perfumes, as well as Storie Veneziane, a line of exquisite fragrances. We were lucky enough to have a little chat with Sophie Guillon, and she shared with us her daily beauty routine and revealed all her favorite products from Valmont.


Valmont launched its first perfume collection in 2018. What was the brand’s clients’ feedback?

They were delighted by our audacity, but the perfumes also attracted another range of clients as well. The launch was a great success, as the Storie Veneziane collection is rich in olfactory and artistic discoveries: it is a tribute to the Serene Venice of past centuries, and to the artistic flamboyance of this historical city.




Tell us more about the new perfume collection.

After the first act in 2018, the Venice story continues, and 2020 witnessed the second act! Didier and I are indeed writing the second part of our olfactory tale under the Storie Veneziane label, now anchored in an emblematic Venetian palace.


Didier and I are editing two new collections:

Fresh fragrances: Palazzo Nobile, which features six eau de toilettes ranging from floral-aquatic Sea Bliss through to floral-citrus Bright Poppy offering a bouquet of sparkling and tart bergamot, luminous jasmine, and deep, bold cedar wood.

Sensual fragrances: Collezione Privata, in which I draw three women, three muses, adorned with textured perfumes. All different, all fascinating. Floral-gourmand Jazzy Twist highlights sweet and delicate magnolia. Lady Code is a sensual and sophisticated Chypre Gourmand, with a vibrant jasmine heart. Private Mind is a fire under ice floral leather.




Your favorite perfume from the collection?

They’re so different. When on vacation, The Eau de toilette Bright Poppy is sparkling and invigorating, I like its light and tangy trail. It's a burst of laughter!

If I want to choose an Eau de Parfum, Lady Code is truly a chic and refined creation. A disturbing classic, it reveals femininity as desired.


What is your beauty routine?

My routine is very simple:

I use Prime Renewing Pack every morning to tone and smooth the skin, then I apply the V Shape Filling Eye Balm, 5 point densifying balm visibly tightens the eye area and erases unsightly irregularities, and the V Shape Filling Cream, to boost the firmness and elasticity of my skin.

In the evening, removing the make-up and cleansing the skin are two very important steps, I use the Wonder Falls, a cream that melts onto the skin transforming into a soft oil, and purifies the skin. Then I apply Bubble Falls, a magic and light foam which cleans the skin and frees it from all residue and dirt. Before going to bed, I apply DetO2X, a cream that restores radiance by promoting cell oxygenation and detoxifying the complexion.


If you had to choose just one Valmont skincare product, which one would you choose?

I will choose the Prime Renewing Pack, or The Photoshop effect by Valmont! This cream mask erases signs of fatigue by refreshing the complexion and filling in wrinkles in just minutes. I am not the only one to love it: it’s a worldwide best seller, with one jar sold every 15 minutes!