4 Best hair loss treatments for women of 2020

By Christina Jaber
23 Oct,2020

When it comes to hair loss, many are the reasons. A poor diet, stress, hormones, seasonal changes, medications, lack of hair care, age and many more. However, the common reason your hair might be falling during this time of the year is the transitional period, when your hair is experiencing cold and hot temperatures daily, so after doing our research, we have gathered some products, each in a different texture, that will help you get through this period with a shiny and less-falling hair.


Extreme Caviar Special Hair Loss Shampoo - Miriam Quevedo

This sulfate free luxurious shampoo strengthens weak and thin hair. Fortified with a Multi-Vitamin 8 Complex, it inhibits the formation of DHT which is the leading cause of hair loss and forms a protective barrier from root to tip.





Hair Vitamins - KeraHealth (60 Capsules)

Each capsule is packed with antioxidants and a blend of vitamins including B3, B5, B6 and Biotin. Copper and Zinc work to improve your immune system while fighting against the signs of aging.





Tricho Pro - Philip Kingsley

This protein spray helps reduce hair fall and improves overall hair condition. As a volume spray, it plumps each hair strand to help provide instantly thicker, fuller hair. Use regularly to help strengthen your hair.






Hair Rituel Revitalizing Fortifying Serum for Scalp - Sisley

This light and non-greasy formula gets to work starting from your scalp by slowing hair loss and promoting strength, while protecting your natural color.