5 Common Breast Cancer Myths and the Truth You Need to Know

By Christina Jaber
04 Oct,2021

October is here and everything you can hear is “Pink October”, “mammograms” and “breast cancer” during this month.

However, we have always advised you to ask your doctor rather than hearing things here and there and just live by them. People create a lot of myths that turn around the breast cancer, between what actually causes the disease and what doesn’t, so we are breaking down 5 common myths that you need to know the truth around, and the truth is coming scientifically. 


1- Wearing a bra to bed increases your chance of breast cancer

There is no valid research that shows a link between wearing a bra to bed or not and breast cancer. Choosing whether or not to wear a bra is based on your comfort, however it is said that it’s better you wear a sports bra that is extremely comfortable and won’t bother you at sleep.


2- Antiperspirant chemicals cause breast cancer

It is said that antiperspirant chemicals are absorbed through the skin, blocking the release of toxins when you sweat, and causing these toxins to build up in the breast, which eventually causes breast cancer, however none of this is scientifically proven. First, these antiperspirants, no matter their quality, cannot fully block the sweat in the armpit, and second, any cancer-causing chemical is eventually processed and released through urine.


3- If no one in your family has it, then you won’t have it.

Research shows that most people diagnosed have no family history with breast cancer, only about 5–10% of breast cancers are believed to be hereditary. And this puts us in front of considering other factors like environment and lifestyle.


4- Bras cause cancer

In 1995, Dr. Sindney Singer, co-author of the book Dressed to Kill, accused the bra of being responsible for breast cancer, in particular, by preventing lymphatic circulation and the evacuation of toxins. Since then, researchers and journalists and doctors have been putting all their efforts into studies, which none of showed any relation between breast cancer and bras.


5- Mammogram’s radiation causes breast cancer

To begin with, the radiation dose in the mammograms is extremely low- the equivalent to 6 months of background radiation exposure from daily living.

In addition, there has never been a case where radiation caused breast cancer ever.