The unexpected truth behind Pokemon Go

Can you believe a simple game can do this?


The unexpected truth behind Pokemon Go

"Pokemon Go" continues to increase in ratings, and its players are becoming more and more, well... careless. It's true that this mobile game helps its users to exercise more, but they are also exposed to more dangerous situations. Here are some disasters that happened due to this new application since its launching.


In Singapore, a young man was fired from his job because his behavior got out of hand on social networks because the video game can't be downloaded outside the United States. Sonny Truyen was dismissed after posting on his Facebook account that he could not find Pokémon Go in this "f... country," a comment deemed aggressive by Singapore residents.


The Pokemon hunter Shayla Wiggins went to the Riverton river to find some of those mythical creatures. The 19 year old girl didn't expect to discover something that will haunt her memory forever: she found a corpse!


On July 14 in San Diego, two men in their twenties almost died because they were too concentrated on the game. "A man fell from 22 to 30 meters. When firefighters rescued them, they found the other guy unconscious 15 meters farther down," says the fire chief of the city.