4 beauty products that will guarantee a long-lasting makeup

Christina Jaber


4 beauty products that will guarantee a long-lasting makeup

Maintaining your makeup throughout the day feels a bit hard sometimes, and you realize you’re losing those blushed cheeks in no longer than an hour. In order not to live this disappointment again, and since we’re going into the colder season, we did a little research to provide you with some tricks. Here are 4 long-lasting makeup products that will stay on through anything.



Gel/water-based moisturizer

Preparing your skin and protecting it from chemicals and pollution is an essential first step, and a moisturizer can achieve all that, but a gel or a water-based moisturizer will help keep your makeup look fresh. It absorbs faster, and leave no residue on the skin to prevent your foundation from sliding off. You can also choose from our list of worthy moisturizers for a radiant skin.  



Prima Smart Moisture Serum - Armani Beauty




Especially on the nose area. The primer will prevent your makeup from rubbing off or moving. You only need a small amount of primer and you’re set.



Matt Smoothing Primer - Vapour Beauty



Translucent setting powder

Before applying foundation and after moisturizing and applying the primer, you can use a brush and put the translucent powder. This step will help your makeup stay radiant, fresh and will hold it up against sweat all day long.



Translucent Loose Setting Powder - Laura Mercier



Setting Spray

Here comes the last step. All you need to do is to spray slightly all over your face, just one sprinkle all over the face is enough to hold your makeup in place. Make sure you choose a formula that is for long-lasting not just refreshing though.



Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray - Hourglass