Balqees Fathi’s New Hit Amasses More Than 2 Million Views In No Time

She Gave Us Strong Girl Attitude And We Love It

Christina Jaber


Balqees Fathi’s New Hit Amasses More Than 2 Million Views In No Time

Whenever Emirati singer Balqees Fathi releases a new song, everyone rationally becomes excited about it, because only she can give you that vibe you’ve been looking for in a song for so long.

“Entaha out now!” she captioned a short video that announced the release of her newest music video titled “Entaha”, in which she looks fierce and fearless and the words actually helped the attitude.



The young and popular singer has taken social media by storm right after announcing the release, and the song got more than 2 million views on YouTube in less than 2 days. Are we shocked? No! Because every time Balqees releases a song, she breaks records. While we’re still taken by her duo with the Iraqi popular singer Nabeel Sayf “Momken”, “Entaha” came to add more to her success.



“Entaha” means “It’s Over” and the song runs around a love story that’s over and Balqees is the strong girl who’s refusing to feel sad, but feel relieved instead, motivating every girl to say “It’s over” when it actually is.

And to best describe the fierce personality she’s portraying, Balqees went for some strong and edgy looks. She wore a button-up white shirt with black harness belt and beige pants which paired perfectly with the fast beats, the edgy message and the whole catchy music video. 



In another video, she appears wearing a bell-sleeves black dress with the same cage black belt, looking even stronger.