Cheb Khaled To Perform In AlUla in Saudi Arabia

Christina Jaber


Cheb Khaled To Perform In AlUla in Saudi Arabia

“It will be an unforgettable night in AlUla” promises the iconic Algerian artist of all time, Cheb Khaled, his fans in Saudi Arabia.

There will probably be a bit more than his “C’est la vie” and “Abdelkader” vibes on the AlUla’s Maraya Concert Hall.

Cheb Khaled is supposed to be in Saudi Arabia by the 17th of December, and in Alula, which he always loved, according to his statements, noting that this concert isn’t the first for Cheb Khaled, because he hit the stage in Jeddah alongside American rapper Nelly in 2017.


“I am proud to perform my first-time concert in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at the city of ancient civilizations’ crossroads in AlUla, and of course at Maraya, a unique venue of kind architecturally and musical programming” said the singer.