Summer Hair Loss: How To Prevent It and Protect Your Hair

By farah Fala
30 Jul,2021

With the hot and humid weather during summer, it is normal to experience some hair lossDuring July and August, hair loss will usually increase by 10% due to several factors: sun rays, chemicals like chlorine, and salty sea waterOther causes also include your food diet, stress, hormones, and lifestyle. Here, are some tips to avoid hair loss during summer.

In reality, most nutritionists agree that a protein-rich diet is beneficial for strengthening your hair follicles. So, make sure to incorporate fish, poultry, meat or dairy products into your meals. Also, a sufficient intake of water and healthy food can strengthen and hydrate your hair. Most importantly, you should avoid stress since it increases hair fall.

However, taking proper care of your hair can help prevent its shedding. From hair creams to serums, supplements, topical treatments, as well as shampoo and conditioner duos, every product is your saving grace, especially during the season’s hottest months.Keep scrolling to discover the best hair care products necessary to reduce or control hair loss.


Minoxidil-containing Products that Reduce Hair Loss

Minoxidil increases the blood flow into your hair follicles, so they get nourished and oxygenated. It also promotes hair growth by producing more follicles that replace the lost ones. For instance, this Women’s Rogaine topical aerosol reduces hair fall and replaces lost hair.


Minoxidil-containing Products that Reduce Hair Loss



Supplements for Preventing Hair Loss

This supplement from Nutrafol contains 120 capsules that nourish your hair follicles and prevent hair loss. It also provides thicker and healthier hair. It is enriched with Japanese Knotweed extract, black pepper, as well as a combination of vitamins and minerals.


Supplements for Preventing Hair Loss



Shampoo and Conditioner Combos that Prevent Hair Loss

This set from Nioxin includes a shampoo, conditioner, and treatment product that strengthen your hair follicles. It also cleanses your hair and eliminates any environmental pollutants from your hair and scalp. Frequent use of this kit will eventually reduce hair fall. So, why not shop it with a click to get the healthy hair you desire?


Shampoo and Conditioner Combos that Prevent Hair Loss